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The Skin So Bare Vibe

At Skin So Bare we are your “Experience Curators” where we have thoughtfully crafted a customized experience from the moment you enter the door you will always be greeted with the warmest reception. Sit down, sip on a cup of hibiscus flower tea, enjoy our comfy plush velvet chairs and take a moment for yourself. You will see that while we are short on stuffiness, we aren’t on luxuriousness.

Real People

We’re Not Your Average Medspa

Black Skin….Asian Man…Hispanic Women….MTF…FTM…Do You Identify as a cisgender male…or perhaps see yourself as non-binary? Point is…We TREAT EVERYONE.

Why Are You Still Waxing?

Luxury at an Affordable Price

Laser Hair Removal has come a long way in the past ten years, it’s accessible to all skin types and is way more affordable than you probably think. So we pose the question….Why are you still waxing? Laser doesn’t hurt as much as waxing and it is a permanent reduction of the hair. It will ultimately save you time, money, and energy and you will be absolutely delighted with the results.

Permanent Hair Reduction

In today’s progressive society there is a wax spa on every corner to get rid of unwanted body hair. Here at Skin So Bare, we recognize the importance people are placing on having a well landscaped intimate area. We are focused on helping you achieve a more permanent solution with laser hair removal and anal bleaching. We want to be your one stop shop for feeling more confident.


You’re Going to Love Us

Located in Old Fourth Ward

We are conveniently located in the Studioplex building in historic Old Fourth Ward, just steps from the Beltline and Krog Street Market. There is street parking on Auburn Ave as well as on the adjacent streets surrounding It. There is also paid parking in Studioplex after you turn into the roundabout where it says SPX Alley. There is a bike shop on the left (Spindle) pull past the bike shop and turn slightly right into the paid parking lot.

Laser Hair Removal
VI Chemical Peel

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