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Collagen Remodeling

Collagen Remodeling 


Collagen Remodeling/Laser Genesis/Laser Facials is a safe and effective treatment for unwanted superficial wrinkles, folds, scarring, and acne causing bacteria. Our Cynosure Apogee Elite Plus directs laser light into the upper dermis, acting on the collagen. It stimulates the collagen, encouraging it to increase in production. This will eventually tighten skin smoothing away wrinkles and folds and filling in scars. The full results of this treatment can generally be seen 3-6 months after a series of treatments.

Before Treatment

It is imperative to avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours before treatment. Skin should be clean and product free. Please advise your technician of any permanent makeup or tattoos on the face or décolleté area to be treated.

During treatment

Most Collagen Remodeling treatments take between 30-45 minutes. Your treatment time will depend on the size and area to be treated. You will feel a slight warming sensation on the skin much like sun shining on your face. Please let your technician know if you feel any discomfort.

What to Expect After Treatment

Following treatment you may apply makeup and resume normal activities immediately. You will want to avoid sun exposure as much as possible and wear and reapply your sunscreen as needed throughout the day.

In very rare instances, a patient could experience a blister or sore following treatment. This is superficial and will heal with no adverse effects. Most patients will experience some redness the day of treatment but, that usually lasts only a few hours after treatment and then fades.

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