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Male Services

Inclusive. Different. We help you want to bare it all.

Male Laser Hair Removal Treatments

All of our packages include 8 treatments. Prices are listed as per session/package.

Hello Zaddy 

Chest only $190/$1350

Hard Core

Upper abs $215/$1550


Underarms $100/$700

Fling Cleaning

Full manzilian front to back $145/$1050

The V Line

Lower abs $215/$1550

Thirst Trappin’

Full back $250/$1800


Outside of the ears $90/$650

Bare Feet

Feet and toes $55/$400

Pretty Boy

Full legs $420/$3050

Master Bates

Full arms $295/$2150

“Hey Big Head”

Unibrow $65/$450

Bare Backs

Whole buttocks and perianal strip $200/$1450

Love Bite

Neck (front or back) $100/$700

Better Half

Thighs only $220/$1600

Show Dem’ Guns

3/4 of the arms $220/$1600

Just Head

Full scalp $210/$1500

With Benefits

Beard and Neck $200/$1450


Full body head to toes $900/$6500

Bow Legged

Lower legs only $265/$1900

Lift Her Up

Forearms only $145/$1050

Cuffin’ Season

Hands and fingers $55/$400

Male Laser Hair Removal Combination Packages

All of our packages include 8 treatments. Prices are listed as per session/package.

Hug and Kiss My Neck

Front and back of the neck $145/$1050

Bare Hug

Chest and abs $255/$1850

Get Mandled

Back, shoulder, and upper part of the arm $360/$2600

The Chip and Dale

Chest, abs, and back $440/$3200

Weight Loss

The Afterglow Injection – Lipotropic B12 injection with Vitamin C for energy & speeds up metabolism for easier weight loss.

$35 for 1

    $160 for 5

$280 for 10 

Skin Care Services

Laser Facial

helps with old scarring, texture, acne or hormonal breakouts and minimizing pores. $200

Rosacea/Redness Treatment

Reduces redness and calms inflammation in the skin $200


Removes dead skin cells and allows for better absorption of skincare products $95

Brown Spot Removal

Skin types I-III removing hyperpigmentation $175


Improves acne scarring, old scars, stretch marks and produces collagen $300

VI Chemical Peels

Removes hyperpigmentation, improves texture and revitalizes the skin $275-$350


Anal Bleaching

To lighten the skin around the anus using a professional lightening serum & take home product $125

Other Bleaching

Choice of lightening areas such as elbows, knees, ankles or back of the neck – also a take home included $175

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