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Skin Care Services

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Skin Care Services

Laser Facial

helps with old scarring, texture, acne or hormonal breakouts and minimizing pores. $200

Rosacea/Redness Treatment

Reduces redness and calms inflammation in the skin $200


Removes dead skin cells and allows for better absorption of skincare products $95

Brown Spot Removal

Skin types I-III removing hyperpigmentation $175


Improves acne scarring, old scars, stretch marks and produces collagen $300

VI Chemical Peels

Removes hyperpigmentation, improves texture and revitalizes the skin $275-$350

Customizable Facial

Customizable Facial to address your specific needs $175


Anal Bleaching

To lighten the skin around the anus using a professional lightening serum & take home product $125

Other Bleaching

Choice of lightening areas such as elbows, knees, ankles or back of the neck – also a take home included $175

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